Many call it the Dunes Island or Morna Island, but it could also be called an island of the "thousand and one islets", since it is surrounded by small islets that enchant with wonderful natural landscapes. The island has about 55 km of white sand and turquoise waters and is, from all over the archipelago, the closest to the African continent. The demand for this island is motivated by the moments of great leisure in hot and exciting waters and, of course, by the always warm climate all year round.

Dunes and oasis, palm trees and palms, extensive beaches and irresistible waters depict the charms of this island, which with the warm trade winds provide sports by the sea and within. The "Viana Desert", the fishing village of "Spinguera" and the Plain of Campo da Serra, besides the Santa Mónica Beach and Ervatão, are places to visit. Morna is heard throughout the island, in the late afternoons, rhythmic by this melody, in varied poems. The island has an international airport with connection to the main emitting markets.